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Deliberate Programming Practice


Do you want to become a better programmer? Then practicing is the best way to hone your skills. However, the practice MUST be deliberate to offer you the maximum potential. I know that it’s hard to find out enough motivation for the deliberate practicing of anything, especially programming. When you face a problem voluntarily, the chance of you getting better is increased dramatically. For getting help at deliberate practicing, it’s always a good idea to get the help of a good coach. As an expert, you can get all the tips and feedback for an effective practicing method. However, if you’re learning on your own, it’s important to be creative in challenging yourself while assessing your abilities successfully. Out of my interest in self-education, here I have collected some effective tips and examples to help your training without a dedicated coach.

These techniques will help you out in the following ways.

  • An effective way of assessing your limits on your own and set a better goal
  • Practice a specific part of your skill that you’re weak in
  • Getting effective feedback without the help of a dedicated coach
  • Having a good substitute for a teacher1

Most of these focuses on improving a certain part of your skill. You can improve yourself as an audience and get effective feedback on your progress. Ultimately, it’s up to you how honest you are with yourself while putting the complete focus on what you’re working on.

  • Generally, it’s not a good idea to avoid things. With enough practice, develop a sense when you don’t want to do something because it’s hard or, you’re familiar with a different way.
  • Whenever you’re facing a difficult situation with the current project, never turn tail and hide behind another project. More importantly, don’t try to multitask. Focus your attention and effort on the current challenge you have at your hand for a while. Every time you’ll come across a different concept or tool, you’ll feel so much happy!
  • Dig deeper into the concepts than necessary. It’s important to understand how things work instead of getting them to work. Don’t be afraid of asking other devs. Participate in discussions. Put your codes online and ask people about it. However, be careful not to throw the entire source code; only the necessary part.
  • How about copying the masterpieces crafted by masters? That can train you how their works were created. Maybe you can find important hints and useful tools to apply to your projects.
  • Take a look at an app. Focus on how it integrates its UI, color scheme, logo, buttons, and others. Try to recreate the same with your own skills but not looking at the original work even once. Compare your design with the original one.
  • Copy a completed work you like. Start drawing over it. Then, use your own skills to recreate it. Finally, compare your recreation with the original project. Which part of yours is stronger? Where are your weak points?
  • The internet is a big repository of tutorials. You can get tutorials and help from a lot of sites. YouTube is a good place to start. Refreshing your basics time to time can be really, really helpful.


Practicing deliberately isn’t successful without a purpose and a systematic manner. Since we’re on 2019, it’s the best time to get started with this. Got something interesting? Do you have an effective way that wasn’t mentioned in the article? What’s your plan for your own deliberate practice?

Feel free to share your thoughts. One last thing: whenever you’re struggling with a difficult concept, you’re at the process of getting better. Instead of running away from it, embrace it. Share with your friends.



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